Balluff Names New U.S. Management Team

Photo of management team members

Company remains focused on delivering innovative automation solutions for customers

Balluff Inc., a leading sensor specialist and system provider, announced the transition of its U.S. leadership to a managing board. The new leadership appointees are:

  • Steve Badinghaus – Managing Director for Administration and Finances
  • Mark Pollard – Managing Director of Operations
  • Dennis Lewis – Managing Director for Sales and Marketing

Each of the new leaders is a long-time employee of the company providing support in accounting, operations, and sales, respectively. They will report to the company’s Board of Directors in Neuhausen, Germany.

"The selection of internal candidates lends itself to continuity," said Lewis, who previously served at the vice president of sales. "We do not anticipate any major impact on the business operations. We will continue to deliver solutions to improve the competitive position of our customers."

The new management style reflects the company’s strategic direction to embody the same values of openness and innovative spirit that are the key elements of collaboration.

The new management board replaces Tony Canonaco who served as CEO since 2015.