Balluff Safety-Rated Inductive Sensors for Safety Over IO-Link

Inductive Safety Sensors
Inductive Safety Sensors

Reliably Detect Metal - Rugged and Wear-Free

Balluff is excited to announce the release of a complete family of inductive safety sensors. These devices can be easily and inexpensively connected directly to the Balluff "Safety Over IO-Link" module, allowing integrators to implement a complete safety + automation sensing and network solution.

These sensors detect the approach of metallic targets without direct contact, and do not require a special mating actuator. This means that safety signals for position and end-of-travel can be generated, or metallic workpiece carriers can be sensed directly. The sensors are also suitable as pulse transmitters for counting tasks and speed sensing. They are available in industry standard form factors including M12, M18, M30 and Q40.

The product family includes both PLd/SIL CL 2 and PLe/SIL CL 3 devices, giving customers the flexibility to meet the price/safety performance needs of their application. The M12 plug connector means that the inductive safety sensors can be connected to any desired safety processor, including safety relays, programmable logic modules or safety controllers. And connection to the Balluff "Safety Over IO-Link" module is "plug & play.