Compact Inductive Linear Position Sensor

bip04 inductive positioning system
bip04 inductive positioning system

Continuous Feedback for Grippers & Clamps

Balluff announces the release of the new BIP04 Compact Inductive Linear Position Sensor. The BIP04 provide accurate, continuous linear position feedback over a 17 mm range, in an extremely compact form factor. The BIP04 is ideal for position feedback on machine tool clamping spindles, pneumatic grippers, and any other application requiring linear position feedback in a confined space.

"This inductive linear position sensor is very small and ideal for use in any short stroke, space critical application," says Scott Rosenberger, Marketing Manager for Measurement Sensors. The BIP04 expands Balluff's extensive line of miniature sensors which includes inductive, photoelectric and capacitive sensors with discrete and measurement outputs. Rosenberger continues, "Where other position sensors may not fit, this sensor can provide gauging or positioning of grippers or clamps, enhancing flexible manufacturing applications." For manufacturers this sensor provides an upgrade from discrete sensing to continuous monitoring of position.

The BIP04 compact inductive linear position sensor is available in analog 0-10V, analog 4-20 mA, and IO-Link interface versions. In addition, the BIP04 offers the following features:


  • Non-contact inductive technology ensures dependable operation and long service life.
  • Field-teachable measuring range offers maximum flexibility and customization possibilities.
  • Fully potted housing provides protection against damage in harsh machine environments.