Balluff Emergency Stop for Safety Over IO-Link

emergency e stop
emergency e stop

In a compact housing and with easy connection to Balluff's IO-Link safety I/O hub.

Balluff has added an Emergency Stop device (E-Stop) to widen further the safety product portfolio. Balluff's E-Stop is easily and inexpensively connected directly to the Balluff "Safety Over IO-Link" module or to any safety controller using standard M12 connectors, eliminating terminations and reducing the incidence of mis-wiring.

"These devices are used in a variety of industries from automotive to packaging;" according to Shishir Rege, Safety Marketing Manager at Balluff Inc. "and E-Stops are a core component of almost every machine design and safety risk assessment."

The E-Stop function is a supplementary protection measure and must always be available for any automated equipment. The E-Stop switch initiates an immediate stop command and can be used for personal protection functions. An available adapter allows this device to easily daisy chain to multiple E-Stop locations on one machine. This connectorized E-Stop switch can "plug & play" with the Balluff "Safety Over IO-Link" hub to create a simple, flexible and modular safety solution. Rege continues, "the total cost of ownership of E-Stop installations is reduced with this new device due to: simplified wiring, lowered assembly labor, and easier troubleshooting."