IO-Link I/O Hub with Safety-Interruptible Output Power

Subhead: Electrically Isolated Output Power Bus

The challenge of safely interrupting output power from an IO-Link-enabled I/O hub - while maintaining the device state of the input side of the hub - is met with Balluff's new BNI00CL All-in-One I/O Module. Now, it is no longer necessary to drop power to the entire I/O hub in order to assure that the output circuits are safely de-energized.

The new I/O hub eases integration of IO-Link applications where safe interruption of outputs is required. The output power bus is electrically isolated from the input power bus. During a safety interruption, the output power can be dropped while the current state of inputs and communication over IO-Link is maintained. This simplifies diagnostics during the event and ensures quick recovery of the system after an E-stop is reset.

This product offers up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs on the same module. Each output can provide up to 2A of power at 24V DC with maximum capacity of 9A for the I/O block. The hub has TÜV certification for use in a safety chain to achieve Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 in accordance with EN 61508 and Performance Level (PL) d according to ISO 13849.

As with any Balluff IO-Link networking device, enhancements such as port-level diagnostics, port-level short-circuit protection, and overall ease of integration comes standard. With its IP67 liquid ingress protection rating, rugged design, high-power outputs (capable of driving heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic valves), and TÜV safety certification, this innovative new I/O hub can satisfy most all discrete I/O needs...even where safe interruption of output power is a concern.