Balluff successfully certified for ISO 9001:2015

ISO certificate header
ISO certificate header

As businesses are upgrading from the latest ISO standard to the newly revised ISO 9001:2015 standard, Balluff made an early commitment to the changes, allowing Balluff to be one of a few companies in the United States and the first of its competitors to receive this upgrade to the certification. The new ISO 9001:2015 standard has become a prominent way for Balluff to separate itself from a competitive market. By being one of the first in the segment to comply with the new ISO standard requirements, it has given Balluff the advantage of a more mature Quality Management System over the company's competitors.


In early 2015, Balluff formed a committee to begin creating a new quality management system. During the meeting, Balluff took the draft version of the ISO standard and began the transition from an independent quality management system into a global quality management system, creating communication from Balluff's global headquarters to every Balluff subsidiary around the globe. The "Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle" makes certain there is a plan in place, it is being executed, and has metrics on measuring the plan itself. Therefore, if there are any deviations outside the expected return in a particular process, then a standard requirement will be taken in to action.


One of the requirements of the standard is to receive feedback on where Balluff and interested parties stand in the market. A customer survey was recently released to Balluff customers. "From a customer standpoint, Balluff is looked at as a company that produces high-quality products and services," stated Gary Swafford, Quality Manager for Balluff Inc. "On the other side, competitors are viewed in the same way. The way we distinguish ourselves from our competitors is being out in front of the evolution of the ISO standard and show our commitment to our customers," added Swafford. This positions Balluff to be better at understanding customer needs and the expectations of all stakeholders. Balluff's goal is to manage this standard, understand customer needs and invest in their future.


With production and development at nine locations around the world and sales location in another 61, Balluff makes a global quality promise that it keeps across its entire sales, logistics and service network in every market. Numerous strict testing and standards such as ISO 9001:2015 assure the consistent high level of product quality.