Magnetic Mounts Minimize Downtime, Maximize Productivity

Easy connect and breakaway feature ideal for quick tool and die changes

Balluff's new magnetic mounts for inductive couplers provide a simple and cost-effective solution for applications that require regular tool or die changes. The mounts, which connect through the use of strong earth magnets, can be easily attached or disengaged allowing for quick changes.

"Magnetic mounts make tool or die changing quick and simple with their break-away capability, saving costly downtime in my customers stamping plants," said Kevin Tidwell, key account manager, Balluff Inc. "There are several sensors in the stamping dies, and they are connected through a multi-conductor, industrial-grade connector to the controller. When changing the die, this connector must be disengaged before pulling the die out of the press. Fork-lift drivers often forget that connector and rip off the entire assembly causing three to four hours of downtime costing thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Magnetic mounts eliminate this issue and boost the plant's productivity."

The magnetic mounts are designed for Q40- and M30-style inductive couplers. In addition to offering a quick connect feature and signal reliability, the magnetic mounts also protect the couplers from impact or abrasion in the demanding industrial environment. Without physical and mechanical connections to break or forget to disconnect, the magnetic mounts offer clean and reliable connectivity for the automation.