New Balluff 18mm IO-Link Photoelectric Smart Sensor

BOS 18M with IO-Link
BOS 18M with IO-Link

Balluff is excited to announce the release of added functionality to standard 18mm tubular photoelectric sensors. Configuration of this family of sensors can be accomplished either through the integral teach button or via IO-Link. These sensors enhance Balluff's industry leading portfolio of photoelectric sensors which includes all standard sensing modes & miniature sizes.

"This new family of sensors definitely strengthens Balluff's position as the IO-Link leading company," shares Jack Moermond, Balluff Inc. Photoelectric Product Marketing Manager, "by providing standard sensors with IO-Link connectivity that is not available from the competition". This family of sensors includes diffuse, retroreflective and through-beam modes of operations.

The tubular sensors have multiple output modes including single point, window mode, and two point sensing modes with either standard or dynamic teach functionalities. With IO-Link, simple installation and easy controls integration translates to cost savings for machine builders on design, build, & commissioning while manufacturers see a value in the ability to hot-swap smart sensors via the automatic parameterization functionality.


  • Diffuse, retro-reflective and through-beam modes
  • Diagnostics with IO-Link including low voltage, over temperature and emitter detect
  • Stability/margin indicator
  • Visible red light for easy alignment
  • Rugged metal housing