New Slim IO-Link Master from Balluff

Compact, Rugged, and Reliable 4-Port IO-Link master for EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT networks

Balluff is pleased to introduce a new breed of IO-Link masters that enhances their broad portfolio of IO-Link masters & devices. The new IP67 protection rated, machine-mount, 4-port slim IO-Link master has the same functional features as the popular Balluff 8-port IO-Link master series in a more compact format. This module is available on three popular industrial networks: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT. In addition Balluff again expands their wide portfolio of IO-Link masters by offering these form factors with IO-Link Type A or IO-Link Type B port functionality, as per the IO-Link consortium specifications.

"The IO-Link Type A and the Type B slim masters from Balluff are specifically designed to ensure that our customers get the most utilization out of each of the modules and that the masters fit well for their specific automation applications" says Shishir Rege, Marketing Manager for Networks and Safety products at Balluff Inc.

The Type A and Type B functionality for the IO-Link port differs in the way output-power (or aux-power) is configured for each IO-Link master port. With 9A of total available current at 24VDC, the Type A master can host up to 124 configurable I/O points or 4 IO-Link enabled smart sensors and 4 additional I/O. The Type B Slim IO-Link master, with the same power capacity, is ideally suited for connecting IO-Link valve manifolds or devices that require galvanic isolation for output power like needle gippers.

Functional Features:

  • 2A of output current per channel with 9A max output current
  • Output power is separated from device power on both Type A and Type B port IO-Link masters, enabling switching it off in case of safety breach without losing device state
  • Rugged machine-mount design with IP67 protection rating for harsh industrial use
  • Built-in switch for daisy chaining & ring topology networks
  • State-of-the art webserver functionality for IO-Link configuration using IODD files
  • Ease integration with Add-On-Instructions and function blocks available for download.