New Flexible Mode SmartLight Delivers Never-Before-Seen Applications

Flexibility makes point-of-use placement and user-defined segments a reality

Balluff's new flexible mode SmartLight provides two never-before-seen applications: user defined segments and point-of-use indication. Flexible mode allows every LED segment to be controlled individually, delivering new capabilities and expanded value of the SmartLight tower light.

"The flexible mode of the SmartLight is a game changer in two ways. First, you have infinite programmability for a tower light. Users are no longer constrained by the number of segments that we decide someone needs," said Tom Rosenberg, vice president of marketing and engineering at Balluff Inc. "Second, along with that, you can define segments by intended user, using a larger element for workers who need visual data from a distance and smaller elements for those in the work envelope. That's never been done before. No one can do that on the market."

Smaller elements mean the lights are no longer regulated to only the top of the machines. They provide so much flexibility they can be brought into the point of use. From point-of-use applications for the operators at the machine to status indication for management on plant operations, flexible mode allows for increased visibility into the process.

Flexible mode is available in software version 3.0 or later of Balluff's already thriving SmartLight product line.