New Balluff BIS VU-320 UHF RFID Reader for Flexible Manufacturing

UHF Short Range
UHF Short Range

Expanding the capabilities of the widely successful BIS V Multi-frequency RFID Platform

Expanding on the success of the BIS V RFID platform, Balluff recently began fulfilling orders in North America and Europe on the highly anticipated BIS VU-320 UHF reader. This reader adds Ultrahigh (UHF) capabilities to the BIS V multichannel processor which can now accept readers in the Low(LF), High(HF), and Ultrahigh(UHF) Frequencies.

In addition, all three frequencies can operate simultaneously. For markets requiring flexible manufacturing principles like automotive, assembly & packaging, the ability to integrate multiple traceability applications with one processor has made RFID solutions even more cost effective and simplifies the RFID architecture.

"A driving force behind the development of the VU-320 reader was the need to read tags at 1 to 3 feet away" said Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Marketing Manager for Industrial Identification at Balluff. "The typical read range of LF and HF readers is just a few inches." With most UHF readers the read range can extend out to 20 feet or more making it virtually impossible to single out one tag on a production line.

"This reader is going to be perfect for those flexible manufacturing applications where the read range will vary from a few millimeters to a meter based on the size of the product being manufactured."

Like all other Balluff RFID readers, the VU-320, is built to withstand tough manufacturing environments with its IP67 rating. Four highly-visible LEDs simplify the trouble shooting process, eliminating the need to access a webserver or PLC to determine if a tag is being read or if the antenna is sending a signal. Because the VU-320 is a part of the BIS V portfolio, it can communicate via Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, CC-Link, Ethercat and TCP/IP. A full line of mounting accessories and connection cables is available, as well.



  • Easy setup & troubleshooting with large status LEDs

  • UHF Ultrahigh Frequency for reading up to 50tags at once

  • Read ranges up to 1 meter depending on environment

  • Ready for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application integration