IO-Link masters for smart device integration

IO-Link masters for smart device integration

Industry 4.0 overview

Add Flexibility in Designing Controls Architectures

Balluff is adding two new IO-Link masters to its line-up, designed to help you integrate smart IO-Link devices into your system: the BNI00E1 (EtherNet/IP) and the BNI00AZ (Profinet). These IO-Link masters offer 4x Type A (Class A) IO-Link ports and 4x Type B (Class B) IO-Link ports, each with up to 2A of output per channel, to meet a wider range of requirements.

Type A ports allow for greater flexibility, where you can use pin 2 for an actuator/output and pin 4 for an IO-Link, input/output. The Type A ports are powered with device power. They can also be used to connect to configurable expandable I/O hubs like the BNI007Z.

The Type B ports offer isolated power for output, using pin 2 and pin 5, which you can use for IO-Link devices such as pneumatic or hydraulic valves, proportional valves, or robotic grippers. They can also be used to connect 3-pin IO-Link sensors or devices such as transducers, RFID over IO-Link, or SmartLights.

The enhanced webserver built in to these IO-Link masters allows you to configure and parameterize connected IO-Link devices on the fly. It also continually publishes JSON-formatted information, which you can use to remotely monitor devices. These IO-Link masters give you more flexibility in building resilient, feature-rich controls architectures.


  • 4x Type A (Class A) IO-Link ports
  • 4x Type B (Class B) IO-Link ports
  • Built-in enhanced webserver
  • M12 T-coded power connectors
  • Isolated output power on Type B (Class B) ports

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