Steel face Factor 1 and ferrous/non-ferrous proximity sensors

Steel face Factor 1 and ferrous/non-ferrous proximity sensors

Steel-face sensors keep the presses punching

Today’s rigorous metal stamping industry requires reliable non-contact sensing. Whether detecting material presence, monitoring infeed/outfeed, or preventing miss hits—proper sensing avoids die crashes while assuring consistent product quality.

Survive the Rigors of the Stamping Environment

Balluff’s steel-faced, Factor 1, inductive proximity sensor in an M18 tubular housing addresses these challenges. Designed to withstand physical impact, stray metal slivers, and die lubricant ingress—conditions that destroy traditional plastic-faced sensors—it keeps the presses running smoothly.

Reduce Weld Cell Downtime

Inductive sensors in harsh welding environments often have short life expectancies. Part loading impact damage and erosion from weld spatter leads to premature failure and costly downtime, resulting in lost production and lower profits.

The sensor’s face is constructed of stainless steel, resulting in higher durability against weld-spatter burn-through and mechanical impact, when compared to a conventional plastic face. A flush mount housing offers the same 8mm extended sensing range of standard non-flush types.


  • IP68 enclosure rating exceeds IP67 standards for liquid ingress protection
  • Stainless steel face withstands mechanical impact and abrasion
  • Immune to weld-fields and resistant to weld-spatter
  • Factor 1 technology detects all metals at full range
  • Has the extended 8mm range of a non-flush sensor in a flush-mount design
  • Available ferrous-selective and non-ferrous-selective versions