BNI0077 - BNI ECT-508-105-Z015

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Outstanding performance, low costs, flexible topology and easy handling: These are the advantages of the industrial Ethernet technology EtherCAT. EtherCAT provides full flexibility: from free topology selection to the possibility of connecting and disconnecting devices and segments during operation, to the performance redundancy of the ring topology.

  • Key features
    Principle of operation
    Active splitter
    Operating voltage Ub
    18...30.2 VDC
    Connection (COM 1)
    M12x1-Female, 5-pin, D-coded
    Connection (COM 2)
    M12x1-Female, 5-pin, D-coded
    Connection (supply voltage IN)
    7/8"-Male, 5-pin
    Connection (supply voltage OUT)
    7/8"-Female, 5-pin
    Connection ports
    8x M12x1-Female, 5-pin, A-coded
    Digital inputs
    16x PNP, Type 2
    Digital outputs
    16x PNP
    Configurable inputs/outputs
    Output current max.
    2 A
    Current sum UA, actuator
    9.0 A
    Housing material
    Zinc, Die casting
    68 x 37.9 x 224 mm
    Ambient temperature
    -5...70 °C
    IP rating
    Auxiliary interfaces
    8x IO-Link
    IO-Link version
    Type A
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    BNI0077 - BNI ECT-508-105-Z015
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    BNI0077 - BNI ECT-508-105-Z015
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