BNS02LK - BNS 813-B04-E12-61-A-22-04

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For safety functions such as Emergency Stop or end-of-travel limitation with safety switches in accordance with DIN EN 60204-1/VDE 0113
The switching process is triggered by a rigid ram that actuates a mechanical switching element with positive opening. The switching is protected even with welded contacts.
The number of safety switching points can be combined freely and with standard switching elements.

  • Key features
    79 x 60 x 73 mm
    Housing material
    Aluminum, Anodized
    Number of switching positions
    4x E-chisel
    Safety EN 60204-1
    Operating principle
    1-4. Switch position: Mechanical
    Continuous current
    1-4. Switch position: 6 A
    Rated operating voltage Ue
    1-4. Switch position: 250 VAC
    Approach direction
    longitudinal, parallel to attachment surface
    Approach speed
    1-4. Switch position: 30 m/min
    Switch position spacing
    12 mm
    Connection type
    1-4. Switch position: Screw terminal
    Ambient temperature
    -5...85 °C
    IP rating
    CE, WEEE
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    BNS02LK - BNS 813-B04-E12-61-A-22-04
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