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Mounting technology solutions

Versatile and flexible mounting solutions

Balluff supplies a wide variety of brackets and sensor protection mounting hardware designed to decrease installation costs, prolong sensor life expectancy, reduce unplanned downtime, and increase the overall performance and utility sensors.

Sensors, blocks and tags are positioned inside plants, machines and conveyor systems, usually during the setup process. Mounting systems like brackets, stands and clamps, provide valuable assistance.

When working in different kinds of environments, it is important to take a multi-angle approach to designing the application. When you are working with existing installation, it is essential to consider all obstacles before determining a solution.

Over the last 50 years, Balluff has been selling sensors, blocks and tags in a variety of environments and applications. We have tubular mounting brackets to fit sensor ranging from 3 to 36 mm diameters to fit the majority of applications- mounting, protection, quick change, or flexibility. The convivence of having a predesigned mounting hardware allows customer to quickly install the fixture in the plant. With the variety of choices, anyone can easily choose the best mounting system for their application.

Balluff mounting systems

  • Predesigned and convenient
  • Fits standard tubular sizes and Balluff specific products
  • Less work for customers, designing, machining, and procuring materials
  • Different variations depending on the applications (protection, standard, metal/plastic...)

Product families

Proximity sensor mounts with positive stops

Universal brackets

Flexible mounting system