Flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor head

Flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor head BCW
Flexible, self-adhesive capacitive sensor head BCW

For continuous level detection over a wide range

The self-adhesive capacitive sensor head is suitable for non-contact and continuous level detection on container or pipe walls over a wide detection range.The sensor head is flexible and can cut into desired length. The integrated adhesive surface can be easily attached to container or pipe walls without use of additional accessories.

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The separately available amplifier makes it possible to reliably detect levels either as analog values or via IO-Link continuously. You are able to use functions such as minimum or maximum value exceedance. Just one sensor can be used for an overall level monitoring.


  • Measure continuously
  • Non-contact
  • Cut-to-length (min. 108 mm)
  • Detection range up to 850 mm
  • Flexible sensor electrode
  • Versatile setting options using analog or IO-Link amplifier
capacitive sensor head BCW
capacitive sensor head BCW

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