All-in-one I/O module with safely interruptible actuator segment

Electronically Isolated IO-Link Sensor/Actuator Hub

This all-in-one solution allows you to connect both sensors and actuators to a single module. The output power for the actuator segment can be safely de-energized without losing the state of outputs or inputs.

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To safely turn off the supply voltage for the actuator segment an external safety device is required. The module is then capable of implementing safety functions up to SIL2 in accordance with EN62061.

Up to eight digital input and outputs can be connected to the module. If the IO-Link connection is interrupted, the outputs can be figured to assume defined states. These states remain in effect until the IO-Link connection is restored.



  • Connect input and output signals to a single module

  • Electronically isolated power for safe interruption of output signals

  • Enhanced diagnostics using IO-Link and status LEDs

  • Rugged IP67 design for harsh environments

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