All-in-one RFID reader BISM-4008 Profinet

All-in-one RFID reader
All-in-one RFID reader

Direct connect – save time, space and costs

HF-Reader BIS M-4008 – communicate directly with the control system

The 13.56 MHz readers are used for the non contact identification of data carriers at workpieces and workpiece carriers in the production process. This All-in-One RFID Reader is connected directly to the control level via the Profinet interface.

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Easy System Expansion

The integrated two-port Ethernet switch allows both RT (real time) and IRT (isochronous real time) to be used in linear or point to point topology. No external switches are required.

Cost effective connectivity

The simple connection concept involves inexpensive four-pin M12 standard cables being used both for power and for Profinet.

Fast: Read up to 10000 bytes per second

BIS M-4008 readers support data carriers in accordance with RFID standard ISO 15693. The readers are also the right choice if a large quantity of data is to be transmitted in an extremely short time: This is because the BIS M-4008 readers read and write several thousands of bytes per second in combination with Balluff high-speed/high-memory tags. The data carriers are available in multiple memory capacities up to maximum 128 kBytes.

Installation directly on metal

The robust, compact housing with IP67 protection rating is perfectly suited to be installed in a harsh industrial environment. Direct mounting on metal is possible with no clear zone, since the housing is constructed of die-cast zinc.


  • Robust die-cast zinc housing for installation directly on metal
  • Less complex wiring as a result of the direct Profinet connection
  • LED indicators which can be seen from any direction for diagnosis
  • Integrated web server for convenient remote condition monitoring
  • Variable fastening concept for flexible installation
  • The right data carrier for any application: Compatible with tags in accordance with the RFID standard ISO 15693 and Balluff High Speed
  • 4-conductor M12 standard cable for power and Profinet connections
  • Simple S7 programming with ready-made function blocks


  • Material flow control in production plants
  • Conveyor systems in machine construction
  • Assembly lines
  • Intralogistics
All-in-one RFID reader

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