Seamless integration of analog inputs over IO-Link

analog io link hub
analog io link hub

Distributed modular approach for analog sensors

Building a resilient cost-effective architecture by easily combining analog and discrete sensors on to a single IO-Link master. This analog hub over IO-Link offers collecting 8 channels of analog measurement data and bringing it through a single IO-Link port.

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With IP67 protection rated rugged housing this machine mount analog hub shortens the shielded cable runs from sensor to the hub for ease of integration while completely eliminating expensive analog-to-digital conversion cards from the cabinet.


  • Each channel is fully configurable for voltage, current, or temperature measurements enabling flexible integration approach
  • Configurable resolution per channel from 10-16 bits allowing machine builders to meet the application demands
  • Software based set-points eliminates need for physical set-point teaching on the sensor - reduces downtime during sensor replacement
  • Eliminates long shielded cable runs and expensive analog cards
  • Reduces network clutter and offers flexible approach for machine builders to evaluate use of IO-Link sensors vs. analog sensors

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