Block-style high precision laser sensor with IO-Link capabilities

Detect complex-shaped objects with precision

Our high precision laser sensor demonstrates its class-leading performance by reliably detecting the smallest details in your application needs. It delivers outstanding precision in detection tasks and includes many useful additional features. These features and settings can be accessed using the convenient Balluff IO-Link Device Tool USB GUI interface window. The different detection and processing modes enable you to detect complex-shaped objects with precision. When other sensors reach their limits, the laser precision sensor handles complex applications easily.

You can select between two different sensor modes. In background suppression mode the sensor is taught the target object, which is then discerned and detected each time with high precision. In background evaluation mode the background is learned, so objects in front of the background are discerned and detected. This means the high precision laser sensor reliably detects highly reflective or shiny parts.

Thanks to these two detection modes, you achieve maximum precision and reliability in your applications. Depending on the target object, you can use IO-Link to switch over to the most fitting and reliable detection method for the application. And you can use the pushbutton on the sensor for teach-in if not using the IO-Link interface.

If you are using the sensor in critical environments with much ambient light, the intelligent ambient light suppression capability provides a further improvement; the sensor uses this suppression function to reliably filter out interference and ambient light. This feature guards against false switching, preventing equipment stoppage.

This Class 1, red light laser sensor, in an IP67-rated housing, has a 30–200 mm range, though its actual focal length is 400 mm — so you can be assured of absolute accuracy when used within its stated range.


  • Extremely precise object detection, even in challenging environments
  • Selectable detection modes: background suppression or background evaluation
  • Intelligent data pre-processing in the sensor
  • Smart and efficient diagnostics
  • High resolution (10...100 μm)