Magnetic encoder system BML-S1G

Magnetic encoder system
Magnetic encoder system

With Absolute Quadrature Interface and Condition Monitoring

The BML-S1G magnetic encoder system with Absolute Quadrature interface is ideal if you want to combine the advantages of absolute positioning with the simplicity of an incremental interface. Its innovative interface is compatible with incremental A/B input cards and offers the advantage of absolute position information so that no homing procedure is required.

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Developed for measuring and positioning tasks in all industries, it is suitable for both long measuring lengths as well as in applications that require high accuracy.

The measuring system can be easily integrated into the existing controller environment – without expensive absolute interface cards or new controller hardware. If the system is used together with the BML Configuration Tool, many additional parameter and diagnostics functions such as condition monitoring are then available.


  • Flexible: Manual or automatic transfer of the absolute position value
  • Time-saving: Simple setup, no configuration
  • Economical: Compatible with standard A/B incremental interfaces, no absolute controller needed
  • Reliable: Status LED and diagnostics functions for reliable operation
  • Universal: Measuring lengths up to 48 m, selectable resolution, high system accuracy up to 20 μm

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