BML S2C magnetic linear encoder system

Magnetic Linear Encoder System
Magnetic Linear Encoder System

With extended sensor-to-tape gap distance up to 5 mm

The extended sensor-to-tape gap distance of the BML S2C incremental encoder system makes it ideal for installation situations where large mechanical tolerances can occur. The benefits are especially evident in applications with long measuring lengths, such as position determination in warehousing and conveying. The compact design enables the BML S2C to be integrated flexibly into space-limited applications. A status LED and error output signal make in-process diagnostics easier, thereby reducing troubleshooting time and effort.

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  • High tolerance for misalignment eliminates painstaking adjustment procedures and simplifies installation
  • Extended gap distance up to 5 mm reliably handles loose application tolerances, increasing system reliability
  • Status LED and error output signal aid troubleshooting and diagnostics

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