BVS Cockpit image processing software for vision systems

BVS Cockpit software runs on a tablet

Configure networked cameras from a web browser

The BVS Cockpit software is a user-friendly, versatile, and reliable image processing program. It lets you intuitively configure and operate Balluff SmartCameras and industrial cameras with a SmartVision controller, or with any machine vision system compatible with Gen<i>cam in your facility.

The cameras and BVS Cockpit software offer you intelligent, easy-to-use vision

tools and functions to control and monitor all aspects of your machine vision system. All the functions to set up and operate the cameras are in the BVS Cockpit user interface, which you can easily access from any common web browser connected to the local network.

For optical traceability applications, use BVS Cockpit to read codes like 1D and 2D barcodes that might be printed, dot peen, or laser etched. Change software settings like color channels in real time and monitor

output to bring you the reliable results you need.

For error-proofing and assembly verification, BVS Cockpit can conduct multiple assessments at once. It can generate and export a results report after parts inspections. And it can save and archive images and assessment data for use after the fact. Error-checking early in the production process provides real-time feedback and prevents downstream issues, two hallmarks of Industry 4.0.

The BVS Cockpit software eliminates the need to manage multiple software applications or to have advanced knowledge of machine vision software. There are no hidden costs, and no need for software installation, since it comes preinstalled on the SmartVision controller and SmartCamera. It is also available as Windows software package. For traceability, error-proofing, vision-guided robotics, and other applications, BVS Cockpit does what sensors can’t, with reliability and speed.


  • BVS Cockpit software is based on HALCON technology
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface accessible from a web browser
  • Use web-based application to manage multiple cameras
  • Automatically create results, reports, and save and archive images

Image processing tools

The SmartCamera offers intuitive operation and simple to use tools which are based on industry-standard HALCON basic algorithms – all of which ensures you of fast and reliable solutions.

Interface tools

Results can be passed dynamically to the appropriate interface for the particular industrial system.


Description: BVS Cockpit Software V 2.3, (for industrial cameras BVS CA)

Requirements: Windows 7 (64 bit) or higher, Dual Core 2 GHz

Included: Software on USB stick, USB licence dongle (HALCON 13.0.2)

Software access: Mozilla Firefox (Version 24), Google Chrome (Version 32.0), Windows Internet Explorer (Version 10)

Approval/Conformity: CE, WEEE

Availability: Purchase as an embedded product (preinstalled in a SmartCamera or SmartVision Controller) or as a Windows software package as shown here