BVS SmartCamera starter kit

SmartCamera and tablet showing BVS Cockpit software
SmartCamera and tablet showing BVS Cockpit software

Balluff’s BVS SmartCamera Starter Kit is designed to introduce our machine vision portfolio for customer evaluation, increased experience with the BVS Cockpit software, and test an application on-site. For a limited time, we are offering a 50% discount from our Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on the BVS SmartCamera and accessories that are included in the Starter Kit. We want to help get you started with application evaluations and increase your comfort in configuring and deploying BVS SmartCameras.

Each Starter Kit is complete with everything (ex. SmartCamera, lens, lighting, cables, etc…) you need to successfully evaluate and run a machine vision application at your desk or in a production line. For those new to our SmartCamera or machine vision, we’ve highlighted the most common components for a complete bill of material. For the more advanced user, we leave the component selection open to change some options and tailor the Starter Kit for your specific needs. For example, you can chose monochrome or color for the base SmartCamera and select from a list of lenses with different focal lengths.

The BVS SmartCamera options laid out in the Starter Kit allow for communication and programming over the following Ethernet based networks: Ethernet/IP, Profinet, TCP, and UDP.

In addition to sending all the hardware in the Kit, you will receive a package that includes a training manual, USB Flash Drive with videos demonstrating configuration, catalog, and more.

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Common Bill of Material

Order code Description Quantity
BVS002A SmartCamera, 1.3 Megapixel, monochrome, Digitial I/O, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP, UDP, and IO-Link 1
BAM02FC C-Mount Lens, Dimension=Ø 29.5 x 45.7 mm, Focal length=12 mm, Min. Object distance (MOD)=100 mm 1
BAM00WN Mounting bracket, SmartCamera 1
BCC032F Cable for BVS SmartCamera (Power & I/O), single ended, M12 – 4 pin, 2 m 1
BCC0HZK Cable for BVS SmartCamera (Ethernet Comms/Process Control), double ended, M12 – 4 pin to RJ45, 2 m 1
BAE000J Ring Light, LED – Red, Cable (0.3 m) with M12 connector, 24 VDC, Illumination area=Ø 100 mm 1
BAM02P7 Mounting brackets, Ring light 1
BCC05LR Cable for Ring Light, M12 – 4 pin, 2 m 1