Face savers for flush mounted sensors

Face Savers
Face Savers

Protecting the face of the sensor from impact damage

When the face of a sensor is damaged, it can cause misreads or stop working completely. Adding a face saver to a flush mount sensor can increase the life of the sensor by protecting the sensor from impact damage due to over travel and hostile application environments.

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Balluff's face savers are easy to install by simply threading the protective device on the end of the sensor housing and lining it up with the sensor's sensing face. The beveled edge allows for adjustments to the placement of the face saver and the set screw can lock the face saver in place. Balluff's face savers also offer Sun 73 weld spatter coating, a unique formula that provides an increased thermal barrier for extended performance life of the sensor, especially in welding applications. The Sun 73 coating is ideal for mig welding applications that produce high heat and weld spatter debris. Adding a face saver to a flush mount sensor can protect the sensor from impact damage and prolong its life.



  • Sun 73 weld splatter resistant coating
  • Set screw for lock down adjustment
  • Withstand high temperature
  • Advanced formula for ease of cleaning
  • Reduce downtime

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