Inductive couplers for reliable energy transmission

An inductive coupler powers a turn table

Transmit power without contact across an air gap

Our inductive couplers are an optimal choice for noncontact, high-power transmission applications. The inductive coupler system transmits high-level electrical power, up to 120 W, 5 A at 24 VDC, from the base unit to a remote unit across an air gap.

The inductive couplers are an ideal method to replace mechanical slip rings, which have mechanical components that require ongoing maintenance. No maintenance is required when using noncontact coupling.

Additional uses are found in battery charging stations for automated guided vehicles (AGV), automated tool changers and robotic end effecters with high power requirements. With pin-based coupling, pins can break, oxidate, and are susceptible to dust and water. With magnetic induction for power transmission there is nothing to plug in or connect. The remote coupler only needs to be in proximity to the base’s magnetic field.

Additionally, these couplers provide flexibility in aligning the base and remote surfaces. LEDs on the base side of the coupler provide operating status visualizations indicating power, in/out of zone, connection established, and an overload or short circuit condition.

The IP67-rating provides protection from oil and water, while internal temperature monitoring protects them from overheating.


  • High-level power transfer — up to 5 A at 24 VDC
  • No mechanical wear, completely maintenance-free
  • IP67-rated protection for harsh environments
  • LED visualization of operating status
  • Internal temperature monitoring