Inductive Factor 1 M12 sensors

Car bodies move down a conveyor toward welding robots
Car bodies move down a conveyor toward welding robots

Reliably detect ferrous and nonferrous metals

Our latest high-precision inductive Factor 1 M12 sensors accurately detect all metals, both ferrous and nonferrous, consistently and reliably. They accurately detect metals over the entire range of the application, without the need for a reduction/correction factor. This provides advantages in applications using varying conductive materials or when it is inefficient to adjust sensor switching distance depending on type of metal being detected.

Inductive Factor 1 sensors are magnetic-field resistant, so their function is not disturbed by electromagnetic fields up to 100 kA/m, such as in induction hardening and welding systems. Their durable PTFE-coated housing material makes them very well suited for such harsh environments, including those with weld spatter.

These IP68-rated sensors have an extended ambient temperature range (–40...+85 °C), which makes them optimal for welding applications, and the ceramic-coated sensing face (for BES05KU) provides further weld spatter resistance.

These robust M12 sensors are offered in flush and non-flush versions.



  • Inductive factor 1 sensors accurately detect all metals (ferrous and nonferrous) at the same rated switching distance
  • Magnetic-field resistant and PTFE-coated durable housing material ideal for harsh environments
  • IP68 rated, with extended ambient temperature range (–40...+85 °C) offers marked improvement over previous generation
  • Ceramic-coated sensing face (for BES05KU version) provides further weld spatter resistance