Inductive safety sensors - For people and equipment

Inductive Safety Sensors
Inductive Safety Sensors

Reliably Detect Metal - Rugged and Wear-Free

Inductive safety sensors detect the approach of metallic objects without contact. They provide the needed safety signals for position and end of travel. These sensors are also ideal as pulse generators for counting tasks or speed detection. Unlike traditional safety switches they require no special mating part or actuator. This makes direct sensing of metallic workpiece carriers a simple and easy task.

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Easy Connection To Safety Processors

Inductive safety switches can be connected to any safety processor, i.e. to safety relays, programmable logic modules or safety controllers. Wiring is simple using standardized M12 plug connections - the sensors are "plug & play" with the Balluff safety IO-Link I/O module.


Useful In A Range Of Applications

The inductive safety sensors are well-suited for applications requiring safe position detection. They can replace mechanical switches on robots, machine tools and conveyors to indicate end of travel, stopped motion or closed/open doors. The sensors come in industry standard form factors (M12, M18, M30 and Q40) and both PLd/SIL CL 2 and PLe/SIL CL 3 devices are available.



  • Reliably detect end position, speed and stopping

  • Non-contact and wear-free

  • Compact, familiar form factors: M12, M18, M30 and Q40

  • Simple connection with M12 connector

  • Easy connection to any processor using OSSD outputs

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