Innovative technology for point-of-use indication

SmartLight Indicator for Enhanced Operator Guidance

Comprised of six independent, ultra-bright, multi-color LED segments, the SmartLight indicator provides innovative personnel guidance. Innovations like indicating direction of adjustment, pacing times, wait times, bin levels, torque run-up, and simple status are just a few examples of the added functionality.

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IO-Link communications provide a costeffective, plug-and-play method to connect with both PLC- and PC-based systems simultaneously. All modes, colors and system status are directly available in the process data. The indicator lights offer Balluff expansion mode to connect another indicator light in series. The expansion mode functionality drastically reduces costs and simplifies wiring.


  • Six independent, ultra-bright, multi-color LED segments
  • Multi-segment mode allows for one, two, three or six independent segments
  • Run-light mode indicates waiting or busy status
  • Continuously variable mode indicates position or level with an innovative 360° or 720° rotation
  • Connect up to two indicator lights to a single IO-Link master port
  • Machine mountable for point-of-use indications
  • IO-Link enables Industry 4.0 functionality