IO-Link Starter Systems

A blue field with "innovating automation" tag line
A blue field with "innovating automation" tag line

Balluff’s IO-Link Starter Systems are designed to introduce key components of Balluff’s IO-Link portfolio so that customers new to Balluff IO-Link can evaluate the suitability of IO-Link for their specific applications and see the Balluff difference first hand.

There are three models of the Balluff IO-Link Starter System, designed with our most in-demand IO-Link components for applications in Measurement, Sensing, and Traceability. These three Systems introduce Balluff’s unique offering for variety of applications in factory automation. Each of the Systems is available for EtherNet/IP or Profinet networks.

All three Systems include Balluff’s market leading IO-Link Master and I/O hub, Balluff’s inductive and capacitive sensors, DIN C style valve connectors, and the Balluff SmartLight Tower Light. Devices specific to each area of application are also included.

The IO-Link Starter Systems also includes Balluff’s Device Manager software and videos demonstrating configuration and monitoring of each included devices. There is no PLC required for device configuration. All required cables and connectors are included with the System.

These Starter Systems are available at a special program price of $699 for customers who have not used Balluff IO-Link is last two years.

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IO-Link Measurement Starter System

The measurement starter system includes Balluff’s profile style linear transducer (BTL) and associated magnet and cable for demonstrating the ease of configuration and use of the linear measurement systems along with the I/O integration.

IO-Link Sensing Starter System

The sensing Starter System includes two Balluff state-of-the-art photo electric sensors — BOD 23K series laser distance sensor and BOS 21M series ADCAP (Advanced Capabilities) sensor. The ADCAP can be configured as a through-beam, retro-reflective, or diffuse with background suppression sensing modes. These sensors are packed with advanced diagnostics capabilities.

IO-Link Traceability Starter System (IO-Link RFID)

The IO-Link based RFID System can be used for access control, asset management, work in process inventory management or error proofing. This Starter System includes Balluff’s popular read/write capable IO-Link high frequency RFID system along with a few examples of read/writable RFID tags.