M30 magnetic mounts for RFID readers

M30 Magnetic Mounts
M30 Magnetic Mounts

Simple and Reliable Connecting of RFID Readers

The new magnetic mounts assist in easy integration of RFID systems using a magnetic connection. They are ideal for presses where frequent tool or size changes are required.

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Tracking data can be easily exchanged via RFID signals between the data carrier and the read or read/write head. The magnets used in the holders ensure that the mounts are well aligned and remain at the same distance during the entire process. The magnetic mounts not only make it easier for you to align the read/write heads and help in the continuity of the RFID signal, but also protect the read/write heads from accidental damage. 

The data carrier or "tag", which is attached to a workpiece or holder, acts as a mobile memory device. The connected processor then sends the data to the host controller in an appropriate communication format.

In contrast to barcode-based solutions, RFID data can be changed or rewritten and can be transmitted at high speed and with high reliability, even in changing conditions and at high data volumes.


  • Non-contact, replaces conventional insertable connectors
  • Connects and disconnects RFID readers quickly and reliably
  • Quickly aligns RFID readers for tag detection
  • With positive stop for protection from damage

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