Magnetic encoder system BML SL1

Magnetic Encoder System
Magnetic Encoder System

Absolute measuring system with IO-Link Smart Sensor Profile 2.0 and condition monitoring

The BML SL1 absolute measuring system stands out in any application where high absolute accuracy of current and limit positions is required. It was developed for measuring and positioning applications in any industry, and combines the advantages of a magnetic encoder system with the most innovative interface in the automation world.

The Smart Sensor Profile 2.0 Basic version provides additional process information such as programmable switchpoints and internal device temperature. The 2.0 Enhanced version adds condition monitoring functions such as signal quality and low signal threshold.

The position information is conveniently output through the integrated IO-Link interface. An optional analog interface is available for control applications. When other measuring systems are too large, too slow, too imprecise or too inflexible, you can count on the BML SL1, and benefit from its simple connection to IO-Link systems.

Whether for linear or rotary motion, position or angle measurement, format changes, or short or long distances – this system is a simple and economical solution for countless applications.


  • Simple connection via IO-Link
  • Up to 8 m travel sensing with high accuracy
  • High flexibility thanks to comprehensive parameterizing functions as well as diagnostics and condition information via IO-Link
  • Easy to install, reliable operation thanks to generous read distance of up to 1.3 mm
  • Optional analog measurement output for control applications

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