Magnetic mounts for non-contact couplers

Easy and Reliable Connection for Inductive Coupling System

Fast format changes are important for high productivity. Inductive couplers transmit signals contact-free over an air gap ensuring freedom from wear. Inductive couplers offer quick and reliable connectivity when changing tools, parts or assemblies.

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This mounting hardware utilizes strong magnets to ensure that both sides of inductive coupling (base and remote) are well aligned, and continuously maintained at the exact distance throughout the operation. These magnetic mounts for inductive coupling solutions are ideally suited for stamping presses where die or mold changes are frequently required.

These magnetic mounts not only assist in aligning and maintaining the continuity of the couplers, they also protect the couplers from accidental damage.


  • Replaces traditional mounting
  • Quickly and reliably connects and disconnects inductive coupling systems
  • Protects inductive coupling systems from metal, dust, and collisions
  • Positive stop on the mounts to avoid accidental damage

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