Magnetic sensor for C-slots with multiple switchpoints

Magnetic Sensor for C-slots
Magnetic Sensor for C-slots

60 mm detection area with two teachable outputs. Up to eight switch points with IO-Link.

For cylinders and grippers a teachable magnetic sensor with two switch points replaces two standard sensors. For longer cylinders the additional switch point can be used for example for reducing the air pressure before the end of stroke position of the cylinder. IO-Link offers up to eight switchpoints and along with individual hysteresis settings.

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With a detection area of 60 mm, the sensor is ideally located in the middle of the cylinder offering the closest possible switchpoints. The teachable magnetic sensor for C-slots offers 10 mm more detection area vs standard offerings.


  • 10 mm more traverse distance than other magnetic sensors
  • Sensor head length 20mm, with remote electronics
  • Pigtail M12, M8 and 2 m cable
  • Temperature range –25 to +80 °C

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