Magnetically coded non-contact safety switch

Non-Contact Magnetically Coded Safety Switch
Non-Contact Magnetically Coded Safety Switch

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Non-contact magnetically coded safety switches are a cost effective option for monitoring guard doors and gates – especially in environments where contamination or dust is expected. The non-contact operating principle means they are insensitive to mechanical play, such as when doors settle or are imprecisely aligned.

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Cost effective non-contact safety switch

The BID R01K safety sensor is an ideal solution when cost is an issue and a non-contact solution is required. In dirty/dusty environments or when doors sag or are mis-aligned, the non-contact feature and small size makes this switch easier to apply than standard safety switches.

Compatible with the latest safety standards

The proven magnetic technology with intelligent arrangement of the reed contacts in the switch housing offers strong anti-tamper security and reduces the risk of bypassing the safety function (EN ISO 14119). And the safety switch, with separate processing electronics, can be used for applications up to PLe/SIL 3 (ISO EN 13849 and EN IEC 62061).




  • Insensitive to contamination due to non-contact operating principle

  • Standardized M12, 5-pin connector saves cost

  • Suitable for direct connection to Balluff safety IO-Link I/O module

  • Simple connection to any safety controller

  • Magnetic operating principle, reed contact