Non-contact RFID safety guard locking switch

Quick, reliable, and tamper-proof machine safety solution

This safety guardlocking switch combines non-contact, coded transponder safety technology with a mechanical solenoid locking function to create a unique high capability solution which meets the highest levels of safety required by international standards. It is ideal for securing and safely monitoring guard doors and safety flaps to protect persons from potential hazards or prevent interruption of processes. A selectable latching force of 25 N or 50 N makes the guard lock insensitive to vibration even when unlocked. 

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Capable Of Meeting High Level Safety Requirements

The high coding level with RFID technology couples sensor and actuator with a unique code and offers outstanding tamper-proof protection and "high" level coding according to EN ISO 14119. This is combined with a unique rotating shaft and capstan handle which can be held locked the closed position until the process has run down and stopped. The integrated safety processing electronics and the OSSD outputs enable use of this device in applications requiring PLe (EN ISO 13849) and SIL 3 (IEC 61508) ratings.

Easy Connection To Safety Processors

The Non-Contact RFID Safety Guard Locking Switch can be connected to any safety processor, i.e. to safety relays, programmable logic modules or safety controllers. Wiring is simple using standardized M12 plug connections - the safety switch is "plug & play" with the Balluff safety IO-Link I/O module.


  • Tamper-proof RFID technology based monitoring
  • Access control integrated with process safety through guard locking function
  • Insensitive to vibrations even when unlocked
  • Standard M12 (8-pin) connector based devices for ease of connectivity
  • Ideally suited for Balluff IO-Link Safety hub's 8-pin ports
  • Suitable for connecting to other controllers