Photoelectric distance sensors BOD 24K


High resolution and precise measurement at close range

Optical distance sensors in the BOD 24K product family combine precision and intelligence. You can use this family‘s high resolution and accuracy to solve difficult problems with ease. For example, fine positioning of robot arms or quality inspection of small components.

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The IO-Link interface simplifies startup. Extensive configuration options ensure that you are able to flexibly tailor the system to fit the application. Configuration can be accomplished either directly via IO-Link or from the built-in display. Integrated IO-Link diagnostic functions enable preventive maintenance to ensure high system availability. As an alternative to IO-Link you can use analog interfaces (voltage and current) as well as discrete switching outputs that can also be set up from the integrated display.



  • High accuracy with integrated intelligence for short measuring ranges
  • Great flexibility through many configuration options via IO-Link or display
  • Reduced downtime and more stable operation through online configuration, diagnostics, and condition information over IO-Link
  • Simple, cost-saving installation and wiring with intuitive menu guidance
  • Compact, rigid housing with IP67 protection

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