Plunger probe

Plunger Probe
Plunger Probe

Robust and Flexible

Balluff’s all new Plunger Probe is a highly durable assembly intended for direct contact applications. The heavy duty design allows the ability to come in constant contact with the machine or part to verify presence or position, making it ideal for welding fixtures, stamp and die, and ejection control applications.

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Mated with Balluff M8 sensors and multiple tip selections, the Plunger Probe offers the maximum in application flexibility. Built to Balluff’s high standards, the Plunger Probe is completely serviceable for cleaning and is now offered with NPN sensor offerings.

Benefits of Plunger Probe

  • High reliability and long service life even in contaminated environments
  • Disassemble easily for cleaning and repair
  • Control the switch point with precision and allow for plunger over travel
  • Specialize the application for a variety of sizes, approaches, and requirements
  • Steel/Chrome Plated Actuator Tip Material