Protective housing for photoelectric sensors

Protective sensor housing
Protective sensor housing

For use with BOS 23K, BOD 23K and BOS 50K in harsh, extreme conditions

The new BAM protective housing for the BOS 23K, BOD 23K and BOS 50K photoelectric sensors permits them to be used under extreme conditions. Examples include in steelworks, in plant construction, in foundries, in special automotive applications, in the wood industry or mining, etc. With the optional water cooling use up to 160 °C is possible.

To effectively remove contamination on the cover, an air blow-off is available as an option. The protective cover is available in two sizes from stock, with a PMMA or glass protective pane. The glass versions are available for the use in the explosive area (ATEX zone 22 - ATEX is European compliant only)


  • Mechanical stability
  • Chemical and temperature resistance
  • Increased service life for reduced maintenance costs
  • Contamination protection
  • Can be used in welding areas

Product brief