RFID coded non-contact safety switch

RFID Safety Switches
RFID Safety Switches

Tamper resistant, wear-free access protection – with a wide range for installation and utilization

These small, common size RFID transponder-coded non-contact safety sensors are an excellent solution for protective guards, doors and gates. The passive RFID transponders can be uniquely identified, which ensures high coding levels and therefore high protection against manipulation.

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Ideal safety solution for heavily contaminated environments

The BID R02K non-contact, transponder-coded safety sensor is an excellent solution for monitoring guard doors/safety flaps. The sensor is especially suited to environments where high levels of dust or contamination are expected. The large operating range of the sensors makes them insensitive to vibration and mechanical play on the safety guard, for example, when doors settle or are poorly aligned.

Common size and mounting

The compact size, common form factor and standard mounting offers you greater flexibility integrating the device into your application. The safety sensors can be used in applications up to PLe and SIL 3 due to the built-in safety logic and the OSSD output stage.



  • Tamper-proof, insensitive to contamination by RFID operating principle available with low or high coding levels
  • Small form factor and mounting commonly used throughout the industry
  • Large operating range for simple, time-saving installation
  • Standardized M12 (5-pin) connection for fast, low-cost installation
  • Suitable for direct connection to Balluff safe IO-Link I/O module or other safety controllers

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