RFID coded non-contact safety switch with optional latching force

RFID safety sensors
RFID safety sensors

Tamper-proof, wear-free access security

Non-contact transponder-coded safety sensors are an excellent option for monitoring protective doors, gates and guards. One of their outstanding features is that they are able to uniquely identify passive RFID transponders, which ensures high coding levels and therefore high protection against manipulation.

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Ideal safety solution for heavily contaminated environments

The BID R03K safety sensor is an ideal solution in particularly dirty and dusty environments. It has a large response range and is also insensitive to vibrations, a good solution when doors sag or are mis-aligned. For particularly strong vibrations, a variant with an optional holding magnet is available.

For applications up to PLe or SIL 3

The integrated safe evaluation electronics as well as the OSSD output stage mean that the devices can be used in in applications up to PLe or SIL 3 (ISO EN 13849 and EN IEC 62061). Since the passive RFID transponder is uniquely identified by the sensor, high coding levels and high bypass protection can be implemented (EN ISO 14119).


  • Tamper-proof, insensitive to contamination by RFID operating principle available with low or high coding levels
  • Increased vibration immunity using optional version with integrated holding magnets (approx. 18 N)
  • Large operating distance for simple, time-saving installation
  • Standardized M12 (5-pin) connection technology saves cost
  • Suitable for direct connection to Balluff safe IO-Link I/O module or other safety controllers

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