Slim IO-Link master for Ethernet-based industrial networks

Slim IO link block
Slim IO link block

4-port IO-Link master in compact form for Profinet, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT

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Modules with IO-Link-Port Class A and Class B available

The specification for IO-Link distinguishes between two port types: Port Class A (Type A) and Port Class B (Type B).

Port Class A (Type A)

In Type A the functions of pins 2 and 5 are not specified. These functions are defined by the device manufacturer. Pin 2 is typically assigned to an additional digital channel.

Port Class B (Type B)

Type B offers an additional supply voltage and is suitable for connecting devices that require additional or separate aux-power. Here pins 2 and 5 provide an additional (galvanically isolated) supply voltage. A 5-conductor standard cable is required for using this additional supply voltage.


  • All benefits of IO-Link in compact space
  • 32 bytes of bi-directional data communication per port for smart sensors, measurement devices and high density I/O architectures
  • Up to 124 I/O points per network node with Balluff expansion I/O hubs
  • Built-in network switch and integrated full service webserver included

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