Flexible mode for SmartLight tower lights

SmartLight fleximode
SmartLight fleximode

Customize to your application with flexible configuration

The new flexible mode expands the value of the SmartLight tower light by enabling you to be creative with indication solutions. From point-of-use applications for the operators at the machine to status indication for management on plant operations, flexible mode allows for increased visibility into your process.

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SmartLight tower lights add tremendous value to the plant floor as it combines multiple modes of operations and functions in a single programmable light. The SmartLight tower light offers four programmable modes of functionality: segment or stack light, level indication or bar graph, run light, and flexible mode. Additionally, a SmartLight tower light with a buzzer option is available for audible feedback.


  • Control color and brightness intensity of each LED segment ring

  • Define your own segment structure (i.e., six segments)

  • Program unique movement patterns (in control system)

  • Allows for the most creativity and unique indication solutions