Sun 73 coated steel face inductive sensors

Sun 73 Coated Inductive Sensors
Sun 73 Coated Inductive Sensors

Balluff Sun 73 Steel Face sensors were designed for harsh weld spatter applications. The new Sun 73 coating is a high temperature coating designed to withstand hostile weld spatter that is prone to latching onto the sensor housing.

Sun 73 offers a unique formula providing an increased thermal barrier for extended performance life in welding applications. Balluff’s new coated offerings are ideal for mig welding applications that produce high heat and weld spatter debris.


  • Robust one piece stainless steel housing
  • Weld spatter resistant
  • Advanced thermal barrier
  • 2X Sensing range


  • Advanced formula for ease of cleaning
  • Improved quality
  • Reduce downtime
  • Advanced thermal barrier

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