True color sensor BFS 33M

bfs 33m true color sensor with io link
bfs 33m true color sensor with io link

Distinguish between the smallest color nuances

If your application requires reliable detection of colors or the ability to distinguish shades of color, Balluff‘s True Color sensor is the solution. Balluff‘s true color sensors use white LEDs to provide a greater color spectrum evaluation.

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Combine this with the CIELAB color space, which is one of the most versatile color systems, and the result is a color sensor that meets or exceeds the human eye. CIELAB color space includes all possible colors exceeding the RGB color model.

Advantages of color sensors: true color distinguishes color nuances, differentiates polished or unpolished metal, white light, color mark sensor mode

Applications: color verification, sortation, error proofing, color mark detection

Industries: automotive, plastics, packaging, printing, pharmaceutical


BFS00M Features

  • Up to 400mm range

  • True color

  • Configurable via IO-Link

  • Detects up to 256 colors

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