UHF short-range read/write head, BIS VU-320

UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head
UHF Short-Range Read/Write Head

More versatility, more convenience – perfect industrial identification with up to 1 m read range

With a typical read range of 1 m, the versatile UHF read/write head is ideally suited for Work in Progress (WIP) or for material flow applications. It is also ideal for traceability solutions in harsh environments. Each head is capable of reading and processing up to 50 tags at once.

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A highlight is the integrated Power Scan function. It ensures automatic matching to UHF tags. And optimal configuration – with no manual setting. Just press a button on the device: the BIS VU-320 is the world‘s only device in its class to offer autosetup.

Standard accessories are all that is needed for installation. Since it utilizes the existing BIS V architecture, standard cables can be used to connect to BIS V processor, which can be located up to 50 m away from the read/write head.


  • Fast startup at the press of a button with Auto-Setup
  • Integrated Power-Scan function for optimal adjustment to the particular identification task
  • Numerous software commands for expanded UHF functionality
  • 360 degree visible function and status LEDs for visual verification of operating status
  • All standard interfaces available through the BIS V processor