IO-Link sensor/actuator hub with M8 connectivity

An I/O hub connects cables to a machine.
An I/O hub connects cables to a machine.

IO-Link expandable I/O hub for compact machines

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Sensors and actuators with M8 connectivity are commonly used for small scale compact machines to save space and reduce weight of the machine or end-effectors. Typically, these sensors are either terminated with long cable runs or terminated to network I/O blocks with use of M12 cables and splitters.

The hardwired solution is prone to human errors in terminations or in case of network solution adds cost of splitters and more failure points.

Balluff’s IO-Link based I/O hubs with M8 connectivity makes it simple and easy to connect M8 sensors and actuators. This solution not only eliminates the human error probability but also reduces integration costs with networked solution.

The M8 IO-Link I/O hub connects with a single 4 pole or 3 pole sensor cable to the IO-Link master module.

Expansion ability that comes standard with Balluff I/O hubs enables building resilient, expandable architecture. A typical 8 port IO-Link master can host up to 16 I/O hubs of 16 points each making it possible integrate up to 248 I/O points.


  • Compact and robust IP67 design with metal body for harsh industrial environment
  • Two form factors for 8 points of I/O and 16 points of I/O for perfect application fit
  • Input only or freely configurable in/out modules
  • Expansion port to connect another M8 input block for higher density application
  • Each channel is short circuit and over current protected
  • With Balluff IO-Link master, the output power can be controlled without affecting device power and state of outputs
  • Max 300mA output per channel and 1.6A max output current per module