Mini photoelectric sensors provide added flexibility and background suppression

Photo block sensors on a conveyor
Photo block sensors on a conveyor

Small and Smart with IO-Link

Robots used in automation require numerous sensors particularly on the end effector for part detection, where size constraints are typical. Balluff’s new IO-Link miniature sensors fulfill all the requirements for these applications and deliver high performance background suppression.

This allows you to reliably detect objects with differing surfaces. To maintain proper robot dynamics sensors must be lightweight, compact and self-contained, eliminating the need for bulky amplifiers. These sensors can be remotely configured to improve the flexibility of the robot in a variety of diverse applications.

These new miniature sensors are available to you in a stainless steel M8 tubular style (BOS 08E), 8x8 metal block style (BOS Q08M) and a stainless steel IP69K flat pack style (BOS R01E). All have a highly visible, clearly defined red LED light spot making sensor alignment quick and easy while providing precise switching response.

The various models have side or front mounted optics for additional flexibility. IO-Link parametrization permits multiple teach methods including single point, two point, window and dynamic modes. With this functionality you can simply set the range and the hysteresis of the sensor, eliminating the need to adjust the sensor to object distance. In addition, some versions allow you to configure the SIO output type for PNP, NPN or push/pull reducing your inventory requirements.

Balluff products can solve these dynamic applications including inductive couplers to provide quick tool changes that can transmit power and data at the same time over an air gap. This, along with the connectivity of IO-Link, provides quick connection to a new tool while automatically parameterizing over IO-Link.

  • Easy and flexible configuration via IO-Link
  • Various mounting configurations for maximum adaptability to your application
  • Easy set up with highly visible red light
  • Diagnostics and sensor information via IO-Link
  • Precise switching response