Rotary encoder
Rotary encoder

Reliable transducer for dimensionally accurate positioning tasks

We offer a selection of incremental and absolute encoders, each with optical or magnetic measurement. Within the absolute encoders, a distinction is also made between multi-turn and single-turn versions. Our products are used wherever lengths, positions, speeds and angles need to be reliably and precisely detected and converted into electrical signals in order to monitor the speeds and positions of machine parts.

Product families

  • Incremental encoders

    Monitor and control rotary and belt speeds

    Incremental encoders are mainly used for speed monitoring of machines and individual machine parts. Previously defined values serve as a reference value for all subsequent measurements. The more pulses that are output as a signal, the more precise and high-resolution measurements can be made.

    Properties and advantages of the incremental encoder

    • High-resolution angle measurement
    • High shaft load up to 500 N
    • High protection classes up to IP69K
    • Corrosion-resistant design with stainless steel housing
    • Available interfaces, among others: ABZ, sin/cos, TTL, HTL
    • Optical technology for precise, high-resolution measurements or magnetic technology for use in harsh environmental conditions available



    Incremental encoder

  • Absolute encoders

    High-precision positioning of critical machine parts

    Absolute rotary encoders detect angular positions and assign unique values to the measured signals. Due to the absolute measuring principle, the values are always recorded anew and do not use past measurements, which means that the position of the machines and systems can always be specified reliably and unambiguously. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a magnetic or optical encoder and between the single-turn or multi-turn variant.

    Properties and advantages of absolute encoders

    • Needs no homing run
    • No data loss in case of power failures
    • Corrosion resistant design with stainless steel housing
    • Robust design for harsh environmental conditions
    • Available interfaces, among others: RS485, SSI, CANopen
    • Available as single-turn or multi-turn encoder
    • Optical for precise, high-resolution measurements or magnetic for use in harsh environments



    Encoder absolute